BikerTrail BlueSalamander Opening hours & prices

The Prodalp-Express 12-seater gondola cable car makes it easy to reach the start of the BlueSalamander Bike Trail and the 8-seater chairlift Prodkamm makes it easy to reach the start of the RedFox Bike Trail. With a biking day pass, you can go round again and again. See below for the opening hours and prices.

Opening hours

BlueSalamander, RedFox, RedRock and BlueBunny BikerTrails
Sat, 09 June to Sun, 21 October 2018
daily from 09:00 to 16:45 hrs

The start of the bike season depends on the snow melting.
You are going to be informed about the kick off on

Opening times mountain railway and BikerTrails

Gondola Prodalp-Express
Monday to Sunday
from 08:00 to 16:45 hrs

Chairlift Prodkamm
Monday to Friday
from 08:00 to 12:00 / 13:15 to 16:45 hrs

from 08:00 to 16:45 hrs

Gondola Unterterzen-Flumserberg LUFAG
Monday to Sunday
from 07:30 to 17:45 hrs


Day passes & single journey for bikers

(12er GB Prodalp-Express
& 8er Chairlift Prodkamm)
incl. bike transport   
(12-18 years)                
(6-12 years)  
Day pass for bikers* CHF CHF CHF
Normal rate 35.00 23.00 18.00
Group price 30.00 19.50 15.00
Price for schools 28.00 18.00 14.00
Single journey for bikers
(Tannenheim - Prodkamm)             
Normal      HTA/ GA     Normal    HTA/GA     Normal       
Normal rate 27.00 16.00 19.00 12.00 7.50
Group price 22.00 13.50 16.00 10.50 13.50
Price for schools 22.00 13.50 16.00 10.50 13.50

* Extra fee from Unterterzen/Oberterzen CHF 5.00 per Person

- Supplement for bike transport with valid cable car ticket: CHF 5.00/journey
- Supplement for annual pass holder CHF 100.00

HTA = Half tax Abonnement
GA = Generalabonnement
Prices for Bike