CLiiMBER climbing tower

The CLiiMBER for fans of vertical adventures

Climbing on Flumserberg

With the CLiiMBER, Flumserberg offers a real highlight for climbers of all ages: More than 100 climbing stations, spread out across three floors, make for an impressive sight in the crystal-shaped tower on Prodalp. However, it doesn’t just look impressive. It is extraordinary from a sports point of view as well. Each level boasts more than 30 creative climbing stations.

Brochure FLOOMZER and CLiiMBER (DE)

Everything at a glance

Facts about the CLiiMBER climbing tower

  • a tower height of 15 m with more than 100 climbing stations on 3 floors
  • each floor boasting more than 30 objects in different designs and levels of difficulty
  • flexible course sequence for maximum climbing fun
  • miniCLiiMBER: first climbing experiences for children aged 4 years or older and shorter than 1.40 m
  • flyingCLiiMBER: Swoosh along 6 lines and across a distance of 700 m – and enjoy the fantastic view!
  • CLiiMBERwall: 5 routes up to a height of 6 m where you can demonstrate skill and speed

Important for groups: In case of more than ten participants, an advance reservation by phone (+41 81 720 15 15) is required. 

Who’s allowed to use the CLiiMBER?


  • adults and youths taller than 1.40 m and weighing up to 120 kg 
  • children taller than 1.30 m if accompanied by an adult


  • children aged 4 years or older and shorter than 1.40 m 

In addition, the following safety instructions and rules must be observed when visiting the climbing park on Flumserberg: 

Terms of use

A party you will remember for a long time to come

Kids’ birthday celebrations on the CLiiMBER

Anyone can have a garden party – we have a tip for all those who want to surprise the birthday child with a truly unique experience. Celebrating on the climbing tower on Flumserberg guarantees a colourful Wednesday afternoon, rich in activity and full of unforgettable experiences. Climbing on the miniCLiiMBER is possible for children aged four or older and up to 1.40 m – taller and older children can have a lot of fun on the CLiiMBER.