Snowboard lessons at the Swiss Ski School Flumserberg

Snow-how for snow fun

Professional, enjoyable, and full of fun – the snow sports instructors of Snowboard School Flumserberg make snowboard lessons turn into an adventure. Beginner, advanced snowboarder or seasoned pro, alone or in a group, in the separate practice area or off-piste in fresh powder snow: From the first few turns to impressive jumps, Snowboard School Flumserberg is a reliable and supportive partner for winter sports enthusiasts. 

What are the advantages of private lessons or group lessons? Is it possible to gain experience in air and slope style? On which dates are trial lessons offered? Browse through our current course offers for children, youths and adults. Our snowboard instructors are looking forward to meeting you!

Learn how to snowboard – with individual support

Snowboard School Flumserberg: private lessons

For many snowboard enthusiasts, personal and customised support are the keys to success. During private lessons on Flumserberg, you will receive both – whether you want to learn the art of snowboarding as an individual, in a small group with friends, or in a family group. Our private snowboard instructors are happy to make your winter sports wishes come true.

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Private lessons for experienced adult snowboarders

  • How do you snowboard? You are a strong snowboarder, your tracks are clearly carved on simple slopes. On difficult sections the board occasionally slides away from you.
  • What can you expect? You will be working with your coach to improve your carving technique and will see a real difference, when your learning process is measured.
  • How do you snowboard? You are an ambituous snowboarder and fell at home on all slopes. However, you lose your lightness on piste.
  • What can you expect? You learn how to snowboard safely in deep snow and converse your energy at the same time. You and your coach will be working on ways of improving your technique off-piste.
  • How do you snowboard? You are a good snowboarder and can already manage a few 180s on the slope. You would like to go a step further and perform a 360.
  • What can you expect? You coach will teach you, how to do a 360 on the slope and with the help of natural terrain

Loyalty discount
Regular guests on Flumserberg benefit from a loyalty discount (based on the number of private lessons booked).

Meeting point
In most cases, meeting point no. 6 is used for private lessons. It is located on Tannenboden, near the BergJet cable car valley station and Colors Restaurant

Payment options

  • Cash payments can be made directly to the teacher.
  • Cash payment as well as all common credit and EC cards are accepted in the ski school office.

In good company

Group lessons on Flumserberg

Successful together: True to this motto, the group lessons of Snowboard School Flumserberg enjoy great popularity. Especially for children and youths, lessons with like-minded peers are the perfect opportunity to make friends. Being in a group is not only fun, but also boosts motivation. Progress can be achieved in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. 

One thing is for sure: Slope-style, freestyle or freeride snowboarding – our passionate snowboard instructors are always right at your side!

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Offers for groups of 4+ people

The rates for snowboard lessons are valid for groups of at least 4 people.
Please note: Beginners can start group lessons on Mondays.
Trail lessons (minimum 4 people) and private lessons can be booked daily.

The children's snowboard school in Flumserberg can be attended from the age of 6 years.

Lunchtime childcare

daily from Monday to Saturday and from 12.00 to 14.00
Lunchtime childcare incl. lunch and refreshments: CHF 30.00

The following features complement our snowboard group lessons on Flumserberg: 

  • video analysis
  • full-day excursion
  • torchlit descent
  • air boarding
  • sledging 
  • and, of course, the Swiss Snow League and Swiss Snow Academy  

Snowboard races

For children and youths of Class 1-Academy, the popular snowboard races are held weekly

according to the announcements of the snowboard instructors. At the end of the season, there is a grand finale.

Participants can expect exciting races with a party and award ceremony afterwards. There will also be souvenir badges for all participants as well as medals and diplomas for the winners. The snowboard race is included in the price of the lessons. For a participation fee of CHF 25.00, winter sports enthusiasts who did not take any lessons can also participate in the competition as guests.

Division into groups
In accordance with the standards set by the Swiss Snow League, all snowboarders are divided into beginners and advanced – and in the Swiss Snow Academy, into skill levels. On Flumserberg, beginners are taught in a separate practice area with conveyor belts and lifts. 

Special lessons
If there is sufficient demand during peak season, we are also happy to offer freeride, freestyle and race courses.  

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Would you like to start snowboarding, switch from skiing to the board, or take your personal skills to the next level? It is never too late! In mixed age groups, you will learn how to snowboard among like-minded people – from the right downhill technique to turns, jumps and combo forms. Tips for conserving your energy, and on equipment and safety complement your snowboarding experience on Flumserberg. 

The rates for snowboard lessons are valid for groups of at least 4 people.

Please note: Beginners can start group lessons on Mondays, whereas trial lessons (minimum 4 people) and private lessons can be booked daily. The full-day courses always take place from Monday to Wednesday on consecutive days. Special lessons are offered for beginners, advanced and experienced students.

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Little snowboarders among themselves

Snowboard lessons for children aged 6+ years

The Swiss Snow Kids Village Snowboard on Flumserberg offers tons of action for little boarders. At Molseralp, they have their own practice area where playful learning methods take centre stage. One-foot boarding on flat terrain, full-base boarding in easy terrain or sliding down the fall line: All this and more is what they will learn during the varied lessons.

Information for parents about children's lessons

The highlights of the Swiss Snow Kids Village Snowboard on Flumserberg:

  • conveyor belts in the separate and safe children’s area
  • child-friendly lessons, adapted to the needs of future boarders
  • learning and playing aids
  • lessons based on the guidelines of the Swiss Snow League
  • weekly children's snowboard race including award ceremony and children's party

Tip for beginners

“Start-up” lunchtime lessons in small groups

Get a feel for snowboarding. Take advantage of your lunch break to try new things. Make the most of your relatively short time in the snow. There are numerous reasons for participating in the trial lessons of Snowboard School Flumserberg. Join the “start-up” lessons in small groups!

Every journey begins with a first step – or in this case: with a first attempt. We at Snowboard School Flumserberg make sure that your first adventure on a snowboard will lead to many, many more!

The beginner lessons for snowboarders are held at noon – in small groups of 4 people or more. Tuesdays and Saturdays from 12.10 to 13.40

Everyone meets at meeting point no. 6.

  • Start-up: CHF 40.00
  • Start-up incl. rental equipment: CHF 70
Register for trial lessons

Please note:

The price is only valid in combination with rental equipment from Intersport Flumserberg/Tannenboden.
Phone: tel:+41 (0) 81 733 31 32

Additional offers of Ski School Flumserberg