Sports shops on Flumserberg


The experts for sport equipment on Flumserberg

If you are looking for sports equipment to buy or to rent, you will find a wide range of products in the sports shops on Flumserberg. Let the experts on site advise you!

Tannenboden, Tannenheim, Prodalp or Unterterzen: With a total of four locations, the INTERSPORT Network Flumserberg caters to the needs and wishes of sports enthusiasts. INTERSPORT Flumserberg is also located in Tannenboden Dorf, Nadig Sport in Tannenheim and Intersport Wildhaber in Flums.

Rent your sports equipment online and collect it at the sports shop on the day of your choice.

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Name Status
INTERSPORT Network Flumserberg Tannenboden
INTERSPORT Network Flumserberg Prodalp
INTERSPORT Network Flumserberg Tannenheim
BikerShop Flumserberg

More sports shops

At three other shops, you will also receive competent support and professional equipment. In addition to the INTERSPORT Network Flumserberg, the sports shops Nadig Sport, INTERSPORT Flumserberg as well as INTERSPORT Wildhaber are happy to welcome active holiday guests.

As you can see: A sports shop offering everything you need for an eventful day on Flumserberg is always right nearby!