Flumserberg Information Centre

Info point Flumserberg

The Flumserberg information office is the contact point for guests on the mountain and is available for individual questions about the tourist offer. Whether reservations of hotel rooms and vacation apartments or general inquiries about activities, excursion ideas or insider tips: The guest service team looks after guests on site, by mail, by phone or via live chat.

The information point is operated by Heidiland Tourismus AG.  It is also the headquarters of the Flumserberg Tourism Association.

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Heidiland Tourismus AG

Heidiland Tourismus AG is the superordinate destination service organization (DSO) for the tourism districts of Walensee, Flumserberg, Pizol and Bündner Herrschaft/Fünf Dörfer. On behalf of the tourism districts it takes over the development of tourist experiences and their marketing together with the local partners. It shows the region from its best side on different channels and advises the guests individually.

In addition to pure guest information (physical and digital), Guest Service also stands for all measures to exceed customer needs and ensure customer satisfaction. At the two information centers in Bad Ragaz and Flumserberg, guests still have a great need for personal, high-quality advice. A good one in three contacts takes place on site.

The information needs of existing and potential new guests are becoming increasingly digital and independent of time and location. This changing customer need is being closely monitored and Heidiland Toursimus AG is actively tackling future-oriented projects.

Flumserberg Tourism

The Flumserberg spa association was founded in 1968 and renamed Flumserberg Tourismus in 2007. The vacation area Flumserberg extends over the municipal area of Flums and Quarten with the districts Bergheim, Tannenheim, Mittenwald and Tannenboden. Flumserberg Tourism is an association in the sense of Art. 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code.

Flumserberg Tourism is responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of the local tourist infrastructure such as hiking trails, resting benches, theme trails, cross-country skiing trails, winter hiking trails and snowshoe trails. Also an important part is the coordination of the different projects and initiatives, as well as the further development of strategies and projects. The management as well as the operational tasks are carried out by the staff of Heidiland Tourismus AG.

The board of Flumserberg Tourism is composed of the following members:

Esther Beeler Presidium
Mario Bislin Vice President / Bergbahnen Flumserberg AG
Katja Wildhaber Bergbahnen Flumserberg AG
Michelle Wyrsch Flumserberg gastronomy
Andy Steiner Flumserberg gastronomy
Hannes Kurath Flumserberg gastronomy
Sarah Tschirky-Gassner Community Quarten
Gordana Heuberger Community Flums
Philipp Meier Vacation apartment association Flumserberg
Vali Gadient Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Flumserberg

Rolf Blumer is responsible for the operational management.