Parking on Flumserberg

car park management


The car parks on the Flumserberg, in Unterterzen and Oberterzen are managed in line with the Parking Regulations of the municipalities of Flums and Quarten.

Parking options

Zone overview

Wo: Zone:
Tannenboden bottom station Nr. 1
Tannenboden street Nr. 2
Madils Nr. 3
Sennästube (recommended for cross-country skiers) Nr. 4
Tannenheim bottom station Nr. 5
Schulhaus Nr. 6
Tennisplatz Nr. 7
Tannenheim Strasse (recommended for ski tourers) Nr. 8
Gauenpark Nr. 9
Mittenwald Nr. 10
Bergheim Nr. 13
Unterterzen Gosten Nr. 20
Unterterzen train station Nr. 22
Unterterzen Tertianum Nr. 23
Unterterzen bottom station Nr. 24
Oberterzen Weltschlisacker Nr. 30
Oberterzen village Nr. 31
Oberterzen middle station Nr. 32


Parking meters are in operation on the Flumserberg in cooperation with Digitalparking AG.

In order to register your vehicle at the parking meter, you have to enter the license plate number of the vehicle.

for example: BE78528


Payment options

The following options are available for payment at the vending machine:

  • Cash: Coin payment only
  • App: Twint
  • App: easypark
  • App: parkingpay

You can find the popular apps in your app store on your smartphone.

Tannenboden, Tannenheim, Oberterzen and Unterterzen

Prices night parking

The parking lots on Tannenboden, in Tannenheim, in Oberterzen and Unterterzen are daily from 07.00 to 17.00 with costs and from 17.00 to 02.00 free of charge. Please note the marked night parking spaces, which are available.


30 minutes (operate parking meter also for free time) for free
until 4 h max. CHF 5.00
4 - 10 h max. CHF 8.00
17.00 to 02.00 for free
Weekly ticket for 7 days (without night parking) CHF 40.00

Tannenboden DEPTH GARAGE and Tannenheim OUTDOOR PLACE

Prices for night parking spaces

Night parking is available on the Tannenboden in the underground car park, in the Tannenheim in the outdoor car park and in Unterterzen at the valley station. You can pay the night parking fee for one day and the following night at the parking meter. Additional nights can be purchased via the parkingpay app.


per night until 4 days Depth garage Tannenboden CHF 25.00 the following day
per week 5 to 7 days Depth garage Tannenboden CHF 120.00 the following day
per night until 4 days Outdoor place Tannenheim CHF 15.00 the following day
per week 5 to 7 days Outdoor place Tannenheim CHF 70.00 the following day
per night until 4 days Bottom station Unterterzen CHF 15.00 the following day
per week 5 to 7 days Bottom station Unterterzen CHF 70.00 the following day

E-charging stations

Electric charging station

Tannenboden is equipped with four e-charging stations. The car park fee is included in the charging fee. Vehicles that are being charged are exempt from the parking fee. Cars that are not charged must pay the regular parking fees.


Unterterzen & Oberterzen
In Unterterzen there are two e-charging stations each in the Gosten and at the Tertianum, and two in Oberterzen at the village shop. The parking fee is included in the electricity costs. This means that if you charge your car, you do not have to pay any additional parking fees. If you do not charge your car, a parking fee will be charged.


As the number of parking spaces with an e-charging station is limited, we kindly ask you to release the parking space once it has been fully charged.

Motorbike parking

Motorbikes may be parked free of charge in the designated areas and do not have to pay a parking fee. Motorbikes in the normal parking spaces are subject to a fee and must be registered at the parking meter in the same way as vehicles.


Annual parking pass

Are you interested in an annual day parking permit from Flumserberg? The price for this is CHF 400.00. You can also apply for a seasonal permit for your day parking space. Permits must be purchased and paid for using the Parkingpay app. Without the app, you can also apply for them on Parkingpay. The advantage of using the app is that you will be reminded as soon as the permit expires.

Handling fee

The registration of your vehicle number plate is important, because the car park supervisor of the Bergbahnen Flumserberg AG will carry out checks. In the event of misconduct, a handling fee of CHF 40.00 will be due. On the receipt you will find a QR code as well as a web link under which you will find further information on how to pay the bill.

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