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By train

By train, you can best reach the Flumserberg resort from Zurich with the S2. You have to get off at the station in Unterterzen. This is located directly opposite the valley station of the 8-seater gondola SeeJet. The gondolas take you comfortably to Tannenboden in 20 minutes.

All travel options to Tannenboden via Unterterzen:

  • daily: S25 from Zurich to Ziegelbrücke – change of trains: S4 to Unterterzen
  • daily: S4 from St. Gallen to Unterterzen
  • daily: RE from Zurich and Chur to Walenstadt – take bus 444 to Unterterzen

On Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays, the S2 leaves at hourly intervals all year round. It shuttles back and forth between Zurich and Unterterzen:

  • First journey here: Zurich main station 6.47 – Unterterzen 7.58
    every hour until: Zurich main station 18.47 – Unterterzen 19.58 
  • First return journey: Unterterzen 08.03 – Zurich main station 09.12 
    every hour until: Unterterzen 20.03 – Zurich main station 21.12 

All options for travelling to Flumserberg Tannenheim, Post or Flumserberg, Tannenboden:

  • daily from all regions to Flums or Sargans by train
  • change to bus 441 to Tannenheim, Post or continue to Flumserberg, Tannenboden

Visiting Flumserberg by train

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