Skiing and snowboarding Ski and snowboard tours

Experienced ski and snowboard tourers will love getting away from the prepared slopes and onto wonderful wild terrain with stunning mountain views in every direction. Touring by night can also be enjoyed on certain days.

Ski- & Snowboard tours

Good equipment and training required
Individual tourers must have sufficient knowledge of the local area. Serious preparation is always required. Good equipment is essential. When touring in avalanche-prone areas, you must carry an avalanche transceiver (locating device), a spade and an avalanche probe with you. Take plenty of food and drink and never set off on a tour without a map.

Swiss Alpine Club hut Spitzmeilen 2,087 m
The Swiss Alpine Club hut Spitzmeilen is the ideal starting point for whole-day tours. With the required equipment, nourishment and maps, you can set out along magnificent routes through Heidiland or neighbouring Glarnerland.
Wildlife protected areas must be respected
You must respect the wildlife protected areas indicated on the skitouring map and the map of slopes, and signposted in the area. Entering these areas is prohibited. Offenders will be prosecuted and fined.

Avalanche courses and guided tours
Flumserberg's Ski and Snowboarding school organises tour weeks and day tours.

Important information
Always be aware of the prevailing snow, weather and avalanche conditions (avalanche bulletin, tel. 187) or visit

At night

Ski and snowboard tours

The situation
In general, all of Flumserberg's pistes are closed every day at 17.00. However, experience in previous winters has shown that an increasing number of ski-tourers and skiers are venturing onto the slopes in the evening.

The problem
After the pistes have been closed for the day, they must of course be prepared using maintenance vehicles and winches. There is an increasing risk of accidents as more and more unsupervised skiers are out on the slopes at night. This situation is no longer acceptable for the Bergbahnen Flumserberg AG's managers and the piste maintenance machine drivers.

The solution
It is now possible to take part in supervised night skiing in Flumserberg on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. To ensure the required level of safety, skiers can only ascend and descend the signposted Spiga piste. On these days, this piste is not groomed until after 21.00. All the other slopes are closed for grooming at 17.00. Prodkamm restaurant also stays open until 21.00 on these days. The last descent on skis to Tannenheim via the Spiga piste starts at 21.00.