Snow parks at Flumserberg ski resort

3 funparks for the whole family

Listen up, snow artists and air acrobats: On Flumserberg, there are a total of three locations where you can finetune your skills. Budding freestylers will get their money's worth in the SnowPark, where they can gain their first park experience. On the CrossPiste and at FamilyRun Flumserberg, even less experienced winter sports enthusiasts can live it up.

Ready for some fun in the snow? Then go ahead and visit the snow parks on Flumserberg – their name says it all!

Name Status
FamilyRun Flumserberg
SnowPark Flumserberg
CrossPiste Flumserberg

Action in the snow … times three!

FamilyRun Flumserberg

It is reminiscent of a snowboardcross course and acts as a perfect adventure playground for the whole family. We are talking about FamilyRun Flumserberg located between Prodkamm and Prodalp. Skiers and snowboarders of all ages can show everyone what they are made of on the perfectly shaped elements. The family-friendly snow park is an ideal terrain for everyone craving variety on the slopes and in the air. 

SnowPark Flumserberg

Seasoned freeskiers and freestyle snowboarders feel right at home at the SnowPark Flumserberg. With good reason: There is plenty to experience on the sunny slope next to the 8-person Prodkamm chairlift. Boxes and kickers in varying levels of difficulty let you practice and perfect your tricks. The Small Line ideal for learning and consolidating individual skills, ski and snowboard newbies can dabble in their preferred winter sport.


  • Inspect all elements: Assess height, length and difficulty
  • Inspect the condition of the jumps and landings
  • Only jump if the elements are well prepared
  • Deciding which elements to use and how
  • Concentrate – from the first to the last element
  • Consider: speed, approach and take-off have an influence on the jump height and distance, as well as on the body position during the landing
  • Start with familiar tricks and elements
  • Consult competent guidance
  • Develop skills for bigger elements: start small and increase slowly
  • Do not endanger anyone
  • Only jump when the landing zone is clear and leave it quickly after landing.
  • Support other riders and share experiences
  • Give hand signals before your own run
  • Respect your own health and wear protective equipment

CrossPiste Flumserberg

All good things come in threes – and the same holds true for the snow parks on Flumserberg. Below Prodkamm, you will find the CrossPiste with waves, jumps and banked turns. It is open to all guests and perfect for small and large competitions. The 900 m ski cross ends on the Prodalp plateau.