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Swooshing down the slopes is simply wonderful! However, more and more winter sports enthusiasts are drawn to the idea of walking uphill first.

Ski touring on Spiga-slope Nr. 1

On Flumserberg, ski and snowboard tourers can use the prepared and signalized Spiga slope no. 1 – Thursday to Saturday even at night. Ski tourers are advised to park their car in zone 8 (Tannenheim Strasse).

Find out about the piste status before you leave: 
Open facilities

Ski touring on the slope during the day

Ski touring during the day is only allowed on the Spiga slope no. 1 between Tannenheim, Spiga and Prodkamm. All other slopes are closed for ski tourers during the day and night. The ascents must be made one after the other on the edge of the piste.

The offer for ski touring on the piste by day is valid from the start of operation of Spiga piste no. 1 until the last day of operation of the Spiga piste at the end of the respective winter season. The piste no. 1 is closed from Sunday to Wednesday from 17.00 to 08.00.

Ski touring on the piste at night

In principle, all pistes (including cross-country ski trails and winter hiking trails) on the Flumserberg are closed from 17.00 to 08.00. Winches are used for the preparation. There is danger to life!

The piste no. 1 from Tannenheim via Spiga to Prodkamm is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until 21.00 and can be used by ski tourers. Also the mountain restaurant Prodkamm is officially open on these evenings until 21.00. At 21.00 the last guests will be asked to leave via piste no. 1. All other pistes are closed from 17.00 for preparation and may not be accessed or skied. Outside these special times, piste no. 1 is also closed for ski tourers in the evening.

  • Ascents and descents are at your own risk and responsibility, any liability is declined.
  • Ascents only on Spiga slope no. 1, on the edge of the slope and one after the other.
  • No crossings at blind spots.
  • Take special care on crests, bottlenecks and steep slopes.
  • It is compulsory to follow the instructions of the piste and rescue services.
  • Ascent and descent at night with headlamp switched on.
  • There is danger to life if the rules are not followed!
  • The slope preparation is often done on the rope, which is not always visible.
  • The rope digs itself into the snow and rushes up with traction.
  • Frozen tracks in freshly prepared slopes become an accident trap the next day.
  • Hoses from snowmaking machines have enormous pressure and can cause life-threatening injuries if damaged.
  • Rules have also been established to protect wildlife.
Guided ski and snowboard tours

For guided ski and snowboard tours, you should contact the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Flumserberg. From "leisurely" to "demanding", it offers a variety of different options. And the local guides will make sure that your tour is not only fun but also safe. 

Tip: Besides ski and snowboard tours, the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Flumserberg also offers freeriding lessons, avalanche training courses and special touring weeks for experts. In addition, the transceiver training area on Flumserberg can be used daily and for free.

Wildlife rest area

The Flumserberg winter sports area contains several wildlife protection zones. Off-piste skiers are asked to respect these.

Further information: Interactive map of the protected areas


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