Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Flumserberg In good company – since 1933!

What, already 80 years old? That's no reason for us to rest on our laurels but maybe a reason to look back on what we have achieved and prepare the way ahead.

The Swiss Ski School Flumserberg, as it was known up until the integration of snowboard training in 1995, was founded as a private company with just 2-3 ski instructors in the winter of 1933/34. Now, this tourist business offering instruction in multiple sports has over 140 members of staff and is one of the largest snow sports schools in Switzerland.

Regular successes and awards at home and abroad make the school a consistent international player.
Synchro skiing:
1 x Vice World Champion (Whistler Mountain, Canada)
6 x Swiss Champions and 3 x Swiss Vice-Champions at Swiss Snow Happening
Swiss Snow Sports Instructor of the Year:
Nadine Grünenfelder (for the 4th time in 2016!)

As locals, we have detailed knowledge of the various slopes and off-piste areas as well as the region, people and customs around Spitzmeilen and Sächsmoor. We want to share this knowledge of multiple sports such as skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross-country, snowshoeing, etc. with you: in the sunshine at high altitude, if you like over a good meal.
We don't go in for drills and we focus on the right things: simply snow-how.

The children's facilities with the Swiss Snow Kids' Village with perfectly located slopes and the latest equipment represent some of the best services of their kind in Switzerland.    

We – the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Flumserberg – celebrated our 75th anniversary together with Swiss Snowsports in winter 2007/08. 
So we have looked back through our archives to share a few photos and documents of this anniversary with you. Take a journey back in time!

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Brief history of the SSSF (136 KB)
Article on the history of the SSSF (24.4 MB)

Vali Gadient: The helmsman (2.6 MB)
Balz Gadient: The pilot (3.8 MB)

Manfred Beyer: The first ski school director (7.6 MB)
Tell Gassner: Pioneer and racer (5 MB)
Röbi Kleiner: The first president (8 MB)
Cesar Gassner: The motor (5.1 MB)
Werner Güller: The calming influence (2.7 MB)
Hannes Kurath: The figurehead (3.8 MB)
Max Wildhaber: The prototype (2.2 MB)
Fritz Kessler: The veteran (1.7 MB)
Edi Reber: The marshal of the children's world (1.7 MB)
Josy Rubli: The good soul (2.7 MB)
Trudi Bornhauser: Everything for the children (1.8 MB)
Sepp & Co: Real characters and other heroes (2.9 MB)

Snowboard: The beginnings (2.4 MB)
The synchro team: A success story (13.3 MB)
Finds: Pearls from the archive (5.5 MB)
Landscapes: Changing times (4.7 MB)

We would like to thank all the instructors who gave part of their working lives to the Ski and Snowboard School. Their names are linked to so many memorable experiences, anecdotes, stories and fun times. Real characters such as Ernst Preisig, Paul Aggeler, Jüsti, Sepp and Toni Wildhaber, Emil Gmür, Trudi Bornhauser, Willi Beeler and Geni Wildhaber are simply unforgettable. Special thanks go out to them! Also to our longstanding, ever-active staff: Josy Rubli, Edi Reber and Fritz Kessler, who is truly one-of-a-kind. This page is dedicated to them and all the other unnamed helpers. These memories are not just aimed at evoking nostalgic feelings but also respect for the achievements of the pioneers and their successors. Memories that include the most important people of all, our loyal visitors. To them we owe the greatest debt of gratitude.