Culture and places of interest Sarganserländer Mask Museum

In the Sargans region, Flums, Mels and Walenstadt are important mask carving centres. However, this custom, which is over 150 years old, is also still practised today in other communities in the region.

150 historical and contemporary wooden masks are on display at the museum, demonstrating the region's typical traditions.

The Sarganserländer Mask Museum was created in the cellar rooms of Flums Town Hall as part of the golden jubilee celebrations of the Sarganserland Valley Association.  The exhibition is spread over three rooms. The regional room contains typical masks from all eight communities of the Sargans region. A video display shows how a wooden mask is made. In the mask history room, historical masks and precious rarities are displayed along with the carving tools used to make them. The third room, the room of masks, is dedicated to displaying more recent masks made by contemporary wood carvers.

The museum is open every second Saturday afternoon in the month from 15:00 to 17:00. For group visits at other times, please contact Flums local authorities.