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Cheese making becomes an experience on the Tannenbodenalp: The Flumserberg alpine dairy has state-of-the-art equipment and surprises visitors with its numerous attractions.

The Flumserberg alpine dairy is located at an altitude of 1,399 m and is where alpine products such as cheese, yoghurt or fondue mixes are processed in summer. All products are available in the neighbouring Restaurant Sennästube or at the ChäsChante on the Tannenboden - either in hearty creations for savouring in the restaurant itself or in the restaurant's sales area to take home as a souvenir of the alpine dairy. In addition to dairy products, you can also buy meat, honey, eggs and liqueurs from local farms.  

Experience cheese in all its variations

The Flumserberg alpine dairy is one of the most modern cheese dairies in Switzerland. Visitors are given detailed insights into the production rooms and the cheese cellar. The theme is: Mice and their love for cheese. This is certainly evident in the attractions. A themed playground for children has an underground cheese cellar, a trampoline, a water feature, a tower with a slide and climbing options, a small rope garden, swings, see-saws and much more. There are films on show that deal with cheese production and the surrounding area.

Make your own cheese just like in bye-gone days

With so much cheese knowledge on site, many want to try their hand at being a cheese maker. This is also possible at the Flumserberg alpine cheese dairy. Visitors can make their own cheese in the traditional cheese dairy. Just as it used to be: over an open fire and under the guidance of an experienced alpine cheese maker.


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