About us Tourist Office Flumserberg

Who are we?

The Flumserberg Spa Association was founded in 1968 and renamed Flumserberg Tourism in 2007. As of 01.01.2009, Flumserberg Tourism has transferred its operational tasks to Heidiland Tourismus AG. Heidiland Tourismus AG commenced operations in 2009 and has since marketed the tourist destination Heidiland from a single source. It is responsible for the development and distribution of tourism offers, the marketing of the region for tourists, the maintenance and further development of the Heidiland umbrella brand as well as guest information on site for tourism circles. Flumserberg Tourism is also responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of the local tourism infrastructure as well as for membership and local events. The visitor's tax system continues to be administered locally on the Flumserberg. The Flumserberg holiday area extends over the municipal area of Flums and Quarten with the village districts of Bergheim, Tannenheim, Mittenwald and Tannenboden. We are an association within the meaning of Art. 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code.


Our activities include both "keeping guests" and "fetching guests" and are aimed at promoting the Flumserberg and promoting the development of the excursion and holiday resort Flumserberg.

At your service!

The information centre Flumserberg operates a tourism office in the sense of a modern service centre. We are happy to help you with reservations of hotel rooms or holiday apartments or with general enquiries about the Flumserberg. We also arrange the guest programme, organise events and arrange visitor's tax.