Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Flumserberg Swiss Snow League

Your skills are not just recognised on the slopes, but also on your ski jacket. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, the Swiss Snow League rewards your progress with a decorative badge.

The standards of the Swiss Snow League

In the Swiss Snow League you will learn how to ski from scratch.

As a beginner, you learn the basics in the Blue League, then consolidate your knowledge in the Red League and finally become an expert in the Black League.

You will be supervised by our professional ski instructors who will record your progress in your booklet. This means that you not only know the current status of your own learning progress but also guarantees that whenever you book lessons with a Swiss Ski and  Snowboard School, you will be put in the right League.

So the end of a course and being awarded the corresponding medal for that course could also mean the beginning of a new adventure in our Swiss Snow League in Flumserberg!
The overview below shows you all the medals and levels of the Swiss Snow League and highlights the path to becoming what we call a Golden Snow-Crack!

Download the Swiss Snow League overview as a PDF  

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