Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Flumserberg Group skiing lessons

Many a ski school contact has resulted in a lifelong friendship. Multicultural encounters in the snow!

Group skiing lessons - book online

Offers for children, teenagers and adults, minimum 4 people.

Please note:
Absolute beginners can only start group lessons on Mondays.
Taster courses (minimum 4 people) and private lessons can be booked daily.

All prices in Swiss Francs – prices in €uros available on request (current exchange rate).

Full day classes (on consecutive days)

Ski school CHF
1 day 70.00
3 days 200.00
5 days (only children/teenagers up to the age of 17) 305.00
6 days (only children/teenagers up to the age of 17) 325.00
connection day 65.00
The connection day price applies when the participant has booked 3 or more consecutive days of ski school.

Half day classes
Ski school CHF
1 half day 45.00
3 half days 135.00
5 half days 220.00
connection half day (afternoon only) 25.00

Combined weekly tickets for children and teenagers
Children (6-11 years of age)
Ski school Lift pass CHF
3 days 5 days 305​.00
5 days 6 days 405.00
5 days 7 days 415.00
6 days 6 days 425.00
6 days 7 days 435.00
10 days 14 days 740.00

Teenagers (12-17 years of age)
Ski school Lift pass CHF
3 days 5 days 340.00
5 days 6 days 445.00
5 days 7 days 460.00

Lunchtime supervision
Daily (Monday-Saturday) from 12 noon - 2 p.m.
Lunchtime supervision incl. lunch and drink 30.00

Combined tickets for adults (over 18 years of age)
PLEASE NOTE: Courses only begin on Mondays! 
Ski school Lift pass   CHF
3 days 5 days   425.00
Each additional day (Ski school only)   65.00

Combined season tickets without lift pass (available until end of January)
Children and Teenagers 850.00

Season tickets with lift pass
Additional fee for holders of a family annual pass 780.00

Group lessons - book online

The following activities/features support our lessons:
Video analysis, full day excursions, torch-light descent, big foot skiing, ski sails, air board, sledging fun, etc. as well as "Swiss Snow League" and "Swiss Snow Academy".

Children's ski races (weekly, with grand finals at the end of the season)
The popular ski races for children and teenagers from levels 1-Academy take place
* on Thursdays (meeting point Tannenheim) and
* on Fridays (meeting point Tannenboden and Swiss Snow Kids Village Molseralp)
   as announced by the ski instructors.

- Exciting races
- Children's party and awards ceremony after the races
- All participants receive a souvenir badge and the winners also get medals
  and diplomas
- The ski race is an integral part of the lesson.
- Participation in ski race only: CHF 25.00

Composition of classes
Our classes are divided into beginners and advanced skiers in accordance with the "Swiss Snow League" and experts with the "Swiss Snow Academy" guidelines. We have a separate practice area for beginners with magic carpets and lifts.

Special classes
During the peak season we also offer freeride-, freestyle- and race-classes.

Price list
Click here to download our complete price list as a PDF