Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Flumserberg Swiss Snow Kids Village - Prodalp (min. 3 years old)

In Prodalp, there is a hare on the loose! But it's a friendly hare: your children will quickly grow fond of Snowli and master their first ski runs in next to no time!

Webcam training area Prodalp

Celestial snow fun in Prodalp

Celestial snow fun in Prodalp

Not so long ago, a mysterious white creature with two big blue eyes and long floppy ears came flying through space from an unknown planet and landed on Earth. His journey was incredibly long and very tiring. Since Snowli landed on Earth he's had a lot of fun trying out the snow sports equipment in the Swiss Snow Kids' Village.

* Our Kids' Village is a safe area for the children!
* It is ideally equipped for children's lessons with magic carpet and
   children's ski lift
* Plenty of learning aids and play equipment are available
* Swiss Snow League every week with "Snowgarden" and "Blue League Prince/Princess"
* Children's ski races every week with awards ceremony and fun children's party

We know that we have a responsibility towards your children and are aware that children are not mini-adults! Lessons are always adapted to the needs of our young visitors and offer not just play but learning in a safe environment.

All prices in Swiss Francs – prices in €uros available on request (current exchange rate).
Prices for all age categories the same

Full day classes (on consecutive days)

Ski school CHF
1 day 70.00
3 days 200.00
5 days (only children/teenagers up to the age of 17) 305.00
6 days (only children/teenagers up to the age of 17) 325.00
Connection day 65.00
The connection day price applies when the participant has booked 3 or more consecutive days of ski school.

Half day classes
Ski school CHF
1 half day 45.00
3 half days 135.00
5 half days 220.00
Connection half day (afternoon only) 25.00

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Snowli to take home with you!
Fantastic Snowli articles as a souvenir of your child's wonderful experiences in the Kids' Village are available in our ski school office in Tannenboden.