Culture and places of interest St. George’s Chapel

This ancient chapel, known popularly as “Sant Jöüri”, is perched on top of St. Georgsberg, a rock formation near Berschis whose highest point rises to about 150 metres above the valley basin. It was probably developed from an early Medieval castle church. Archaeological discoveries suggest this was once an early Roman defensive fortification.

From this splendid viewpoint overlooking the Sargans region, you can envisage the former strategic importance of this steep rock. “Saint Jöüri” is the oldest church in the Sargans region and has twin naves, which is an extremely rare feature. The church is kept locked; you need a key to enter.

Heidiland's places of wonder
From time immemorial, places of power in Heidiland have been inviting visitors to take a break, switch off and re-energise. Take a very special trip of discovery and find out about the eventful past of this region and its people.

The energy generated in the church is remarkable. What can you feel in the pew area between the columns? Stand in the doorway on the top step: this is the place of purification. Re-energise yourself near the entrance or in front of the altar. The altar is a special and extremely powerful place which was used as a cult site back in pre-Christian times.