Culture and places of interest Paxmal peace monument

The Paxmal monument is based on the primal concept of peace for one and all. It is the lifework and pacifist oeuvre of Karl Bickel, built between 1924 and 1949. It stands high above Lake Walen against the steep backdrop of the Churfirsten mountains. The Paxmal peace monument is freely accessible from spring through to autumn.

It took the famous Swiss stamp engraver, artist and graphic designer 25 years to create the monument in solitude, under conditions of material hardship and social deprivation, and with enormous self-discipline. The Paxmal peace monument is not a cult site but a quiet and peaceful place for withdrawing, meditating and seeking inspiration.

The left-hand wall of the monument represents earthly life: two human beings as they are and will become, love and procreation. The right-hand wall is dedicated to spiritual life: awakening, struggling, pondering and rising.

This unequalled work of art causes us to meditate and reflect on ourselves and our society as we seek to become mature, accomplished and good human beings.

Heidiland's places of wonder

From time immemorial, places of power in Heidiland have been inviting visitors to take a break, switch off and re-energise. Take a very special trip of discovery and find out about the eventful past of this region and its people.

The Paxmal peace monument is an extremely interesting place of wonder. It does not release the energy required to make it a place of power. Sit back and enjoy this spot between the monumental Churfirsten mountains and Lake Walen, reflect on the work of art and the statement it makes and free your soul as the sky is reflected in the water.