Culture and places of interest Hagerbach Test Gallery

Hagerbach Test Gallery is a fascinating underground world. The gallery undertook its first blasts about 30 years ago and now consists of a variety of tunnels, caverns, testing areas, laboratories, training rooms and tourist attractions along a stretch of 4.5 km. It provides an ideal environment for all sorts of activities.

The Hagerbach Test Gallery includes:

  • Research and development in underground construction
  • Rock and construction material testing
  • Demonstrations, training and seminars
  • Insight into the technology of underground construction
  • Special events
  • Training in the shooting centre, fire gallery and blast chamber
  • International Centre for Geotechnics and Underground Construction (CUC) training centre
  • International Centre for Safety in Tunnels (ICST)

ALPENQUEREN exhibition

Welcome to the history of tunnel building from past to present. Exciting, interesting, scientific, informative – the ALPENQUEREN exhibition gives you some basic insight into relevant aspects of tunnelling and its history.