Culture and places of interest Gräpplang Castle ruins

The old Gräpplang Castle ruins stand west of the village of Flums, recalling times long past.

The first documented reference to the castle dates from the year 1249. As there was no interest in preserving the castle, it was sold for demolition in 1804. Recyclable materials such as bricks, iron mountings, fixtures, woodwork and building blocks were sold whenever possible.

In 1923, the ruins of Gräpplang Castle were taken over by the political commune of Flums and during the following years, extensive building work was carried out to restore the castle. A few years ago the “Pro Gräpplang” foundation was formed, which organises cultural events in and around the Gräpplang ruins.

Heidiland's places of wonder

From time immemorial, places of power in Heidiland have been inviting visitors to take a break, switch off and re-energise. Take a very special trip of discovery and find out about the eventful past of this region and its people.

Enter the beautifully restored Gräpplang ruins and take a trip back in time. The walls and worn staircases give you an idea of what the castle would once have looked like. Enjoy the view from the large room at the top. The quality of energy produced by this place of power has turned the building into a cult site.

The “Schweizer Familie” campfire site in the former courtyard is another powerful cult site.  Archaeological discoveries have shown that, before it was built upon, the site was visited by people as far back as the Neolithic era.