About Flumserberg Map of Flumserberg

Flumserberg can be reached from Unterterzen (8-seater cable car SeeJet) and Flums (motorway exit, post bus from Flums railway station) and is made up of the resorts of Bergheim, Tannenheim and Tannenboden.

Cable cars and lifts from Tannenheim and Tannenboden will transport you to the winter wonderland. The tourist infrastructures in Tannenheim and Tannenboden ensure that guests will have a pleasant stay (shopping facilities, hotels, holiday apartments, restaurants, play areas, hiking trails, etc.).

Bergheim is located half way between Flums and Tannenboden. In addition to various apartments and the Hotel/Restaurant Bergheim, there is also a beautifully located camp site. The post bus provides transport to Tannenheim and Tannenboden. In the winter, all buses between Bergheim and Tannenboden are FREE OF CHARGE and there is also a free sports bus.