Snowshoe hiking General information on snowshoe hiking

Here you will find all the information you need on snowshoe hiking in Flumserberg.

Sports shops

All sports shops hire out snowshoes and sticks. You will find the different sports shops here

Important information

Snow and weather conditions

Please pay careful attention to the snow, weather and avalanche conditions when planning your snowshoe hike. (Bulletin, tel. 187) or online at

Wildlife protected areas
Flumserberg has various wildlife protected areas which you are not allowed to enter. These areas are indicated on the winter panorama. 

Individual tours
Going on an independent individual tour requires sufficient knowledge of the local area. Serious preparation is always required.

Good equipment is essential. When touring in avalanche-prone areas, you must carry an avalanche transceiver (locating device), a spade, an avalanche probe and a map of the region with you.