Shops and services Fresh products

Here is a list of companies which make various products and specialities themselves. From freshly baked bread at the “Brotecke” bakers to dairy products direct from the farm.

“Brotecke Mittenwald”

Order fresh bread and pastries daily from Mittenwald hotel. Tel. +41 81 733 11 05,

Fresh cheese and dairy products

Buy your fresh cheese and dairy products from Restaurant Molseralp and Restaurant Sennenstube.

Marchhof farm shop

Marchhof offers many different products which you can order or buy from the farm shop.

An exclusive choice of produce

  • Pasteurised milk
  • Various flavours of yoghurt
  • Alpine cheese
  • Fresh free-range eggs
  • Farm-produced fruit
  • Egg liqueur, elderberry liqueur
  • Alte Zwetschge (plum liqueur)
  • Syrup: lemon balm and elderberry
  • Bacon (vacuum packed))
  • Moschtbröckli dried meat
  • Buuräwurscht farmer’s sausage (vacuum packed)
  • Cervelat sausage (vacuum packed)
  • Wienerli sausage (vacuum packed)
  • Salsiz smoked sausage (vacuum packed)
  • Dried “Apfelringli” apple rings
  • “Süssmost” pasteurised apple juice, 10 or 5 litres
  • Various home-made jams
If you have any questions about our milk or would like to visit our farm, you are always welcome. We would love to meet you.