Our local mountain Spitzmeilen

The desire to be at the top for once.

Spitzmeilen 2'501 meters above sea level

Our local mountain, striking and visible from afar, is the destination of many hikers and mountaineers. If you want to get to the top, you have to be sure-footed, free from giddiness and able to judge the conditions.

Ascent to the summit
Starting point           SAC Spitzmeilenhütte
Hiking time               1.5 Std.
Ascent                     450 meters in altitude
Difficulties                T4, without summit ascent T3, climbing spots are at I-II

From the Spitzmeilenhütte you follow the mountain path to Schönegg and on to the southeast flank of the Spitzmeilen. The path continues on the south side under the rocky upswing to Wissmilen (T3). If you have the necessary safety, chains will help you to reach the summit. The descent is on the same route.

Information about the Spitzmeilen

Spitzmeilen is a mountain 2'501 m above sea level in the Glarus Alps. It lies on the border of the Swiss cantons of Glarus and St. Gallen and belongs to the Spitzmeilen group in the Glarus Alps.

The Spitzmeilen is known for its imposing shape, similar to that of a Zeugenberg. The actual summit rises as a steep rock tooth from the underlying slopes. The summit consists of brown Liaskalk.

In the immediate north-western neighbourhood lies the somewhat lower Wissmilen (2,483 m above sea level), which leads over the Wissmilenpass to the Magerrain (2,524 m above sea level). All three are located on the northern edge of the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona.

North of Spitzmeilen is the Flumserberg ski area, from where the summit can be climbed as a day trip. The SAC Spitzmeilenhütte, situated at 2,087 metres above sea level, can also serve as a starting point for the ascent. Another access point from the Glarus side is Engi in the Sernftal valley. The key point for the ascent is the steep rock peak, which is reached through a couloir on the east side. Easy climbing (degree of difficulty I.-II.) is required. In winter the Spitzmeilen is a popular destination for ski tours.