Majestic mountain range above Lake Walen The 7 Churfirsten peaks

The Churfirsten are a range of relatively young limestone elevations. In the north, a flatter ridge stretches towards Toggenburg. In the south, the range descends almost vertically down to Walenstadtberg and then to Lake Walen at up to 419 metres above sea level.

The peaks

The seven Churfirsten peaks are (from west to east):
  • Selun 2,205 m
  • Frümsel 2,263 m
  • Brisi 2,279 m
  • Zuestoll 2,235 m
  • Schibenstoll 2,234 m
  • Hinterrrugg 2,306 m
  • Chäserugg 2,262 m

The “unofficial” peaks further west are:
  • Wart 2,068 m
  • Schäären 2,171 m
  • Nägeliberg 2,163 m
  • Leistchamm 2,101 m 

Wonderful views from Flumserberg

One of the most beautiful views of the Churfirsten mountains can be admired from Flumserberg. From the wild rocky faces of the mountain peaks to the fjord-like Lake Walen beneath, hikers are amazed again and again.

It's not just wonderful to look at

The Churfirsten area also offers attractive and diverse hiking and mountain biking trails that can be reached via Walenstadt and Walenstadtberg or Lüsis. The rear of the Churfirsten range can be reached via Lüsis, and from there, you can make your way up to the peaks. The peaks at the front of the range offer experienced climbers various well-known routes. Paraglider pilots take off from popular starting points near Berggasthaus Hochrugg or on the Hinterrugg peak and can enjoy a breath-taking panorama during their flight.