Flumserberg - die Heimat von Mountainbike-Profi René Wildhaber

Mountain bike pro René Wildhaber grew up near Flumserberg and has very strong roots in his home region, even though in the last ten years he has been away travelling a great deal for his racing, filming and photographic work.  René has won races on all five continents.  He came to fame thanks to his outstanding performance in long-distance downhill races such as the Mégavlanache race in Alpe d'Huez.

René "Wildi" Wildhaber - BikerBerg ambassador

René Wildhaber has been working with the project team since the very start of the BikerBerg Flumserberg project. When work began on the BlueSalamander trail, he was on the ground with New Zealander Tom Hey from Elevate Trail Building, defining the course of the trail.  Between his racing commitments, he also gave advice from a biker's point of view as the building work continued.
Wildi's foxes - René's support for the next generation

Wildi's Foxes - René's encouraging young talent

Alongside his racing, filming and photography projects, René also works hard to support talented young bikers.  Passing on his many years of experience to keen young riders is very important to him.  That's why, four years ago, he started his own youth project called "Wildi's Foxes ".

This took place for the fourth time this summer on Flumserberg. Since the trail was not finished at the time, Wildhaber took advantage of the situation to build a wooden feature with his "foxes".  Not until all the boards were screwed into place were they able to jump over their very own "fox feature".  You can see more in the following video.