Trail details RedRock Bike Trail

The RedRock bike trail, which is a medium grade trail, leads from Twärchamm to Tannenboden.

RedRock Bike Trail

The RedRock bike trail turns off the RedFox trail at Twärchamm and leads you through a spectaculary scenery. It takes you over grassland of the alps, over small bridges and past the red rock face to Chrüz. The last bit from Chrüz takes you through the forest to Tannenboden.

How you get to the starting point of the RedRock trail is by taking the cable car from Tannenheim to Prodalp, there you are taking the chairlift to Prodkamm. You start off on the RedFox trail until the turnoff at Twärchamm, from where you're following the RedRock trail all the way to Tannenboden.

Trail details

Length                                                                            3.7 km          
Width ca. 0.8 m
Difference in altitude -320 m
Level of difficulty medium grade