Biking Bike routes on Flumserberg

There are currently two marked SchweizMobil routes on Flumserberg. These are beautiful trails offering breathtaking panoramic views. The relaxed way to reach the start of the trail at over 1400m is to use the cable car SeeJet from Unterterzen to Tannenboden or take a post bus which has bike carriers.

SchweizMobil routes

Flumserberg Panoramic Bike Trail No. 470

The start and end point for this bike route is the Flumserberg Tannenbodenalp. The first part of the route takes you gently uphill along a wide track to the Seebenalp. The high plateau with its three alpine lakes is an idyllic area of stunning natural beauty. Right beside the lake is a traditional hotel/restaurant with a spacious sun terrace.

The trail takes you somewhat more steeply up through flower-filled fields to the Maschgenkamm ridge, the highest point of the route. Your efforts will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views of the Walensee lake and the distinctive Churfirsten mountains. These are a natural feature of national importance and very special from a geological point of view: as a result of a thrust fault, older layers of rock lie on top of more recent layers.

On the other side of the mountain you can see into the Schils valley and over to the peak of the Spitzmeilen. The descent that follows takes you along a gravel track to Alp Panüöl, then on an asphalt road to Prodalp and back to the Tannenbodenalp.

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Alp Fursch Bike Trail No. 478

On a hilltop to the west of the starting point in Flums towers the ruined castle of Gräpplang. The route takes you past the ruins and along a quiet side road through the small village of Fäsch to Bergheim. Then you follow the mountain road to Tannenheim, before forking off to the left to Cafrida. Now you have reached the famous skiing and hiking area of Flumserberg.

At Cafrida you go along a track which leads to the mountain road to Prodalp. From the high plateau and beautiful moorland of Prodalp, you get a magnificent view of the Sargans region and the Churfirsten mountains. The mountain restaurant has a big sun terrace and is the perfect place for a break before continuing along the forest track to Panüöl.

From Panüöl an impressive alpine panorama opens up before you, and the ride on to Alp Fursch is a sheer delight. The descent that follows through the Furschwald forest is down a steep, rough path.  Then you continue along the side of the Schils stream, crossing it at Bildbrugg. On a good flow trail through the woods, you reach Portels and shortly afterwards arrive back in Flums.

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See-Abfahrt Flumserberg Bike Trail No. 469

The SchweizMobil route network at Flumserberg has been expanded. The newest route is Flumserberg Route 469, a lake run from Tannenboden (1400 m) to Unterterzen (425 m). This demanding downhill run in partly very steep terrain is only suitable for above-average bikers. For the most part, hikers and bikers move along the same path, which therefore requires respectful consideration between the two groups.

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