Fishing in the lovely mountain streams Mountain stream fishing

In Flumserberg there are a number of mountain streams where you can go fishing between June and September.

Lease areas

Schilsbach/Fansbach, lease no. 840

From the source of the Furschbach stream to the point where it joins the Schilsbach stream.

Furschbach/Matossabach, lease nos. 850 / 851 / 852

From the source to the point where the stream joins the Schilsbach stream 850, the Matossabach stream 851 and the lakes Madseeli and Sächserseeli 852.

Schilsbach (J. Griesser lease), lease no. 860

From the point where the Furschbach and Schilsbach streams join to the summer water reservoir for the Bruggwiti pond, not including the pond or inlet stream.

Tannenboden and Tobelbach streams, lease no. 900

All tributaries from the source to the point where they join the Gätzibach stream.

Ackernbächli stream, lease no. 860

with tributaries on temporary grassland.

Fishing tax

Licence Price Fishing limit
Season ticket CHF 360.00 25 Fish
Monthly pass CHF 250.00 20 Fish
2-week pass CHF 190.00 15 Fish
1-week pass CHF 120.00 10 Fish
Day ticket CHF 40.00 4 Fish
Deposit for catch statistics CHF 50.00  

The permits are available for all visitors paying visitor’s tax in Flumserberg.

Fishing season and closed season

Fishing in the lease area is permitted from 1 June to 30 September. Fishing at night is prohibited. Fishing is prohibited on the Swiss Federal Day of Prayer (third Sunday in September). Each fisherman must keep a precise record of his catch statistics (enter caught fish immediately) and submit this as soon as the fishing licence expires. 

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