Hike Spitzmeilen climb

The Spitzmeilen rises out of the distance like a small volcano. Closer up, it turns out to be a regularly shaped, prominent rocky peak. Climb the peak in combination with a wonderful circular tour.


Spitzmeilen SAC hut – Spitzmeilen – Spitzmeilen SAC hut

Route information

  • Length: 4 km
  • Duration: 3 hours 
  • Altitude difference upwards: 450 m
  • Altitude difference downwards: 450 m
  • Footwear: good hiking boots
Restaurants along the route: Spitzmeilen SAC hut

Tip: For those for whom the hike and climb to Spitzmeilen hut is too much on one day. Stay overnight in the Spitzmeilen hut and turn the outing into a two-day hike.

Information: The route description for the hike to the Spitzmeilen hut can be found on the “Maschgenkamm – Spitzmeilen SAC hut – Prodalp” hike.

Arrival information

From the Spitzmeilen Hut, follow the hiking trail eastwards towards the gently sloping shoulder of the Spitzmeilen. The path now leads on to the mountain and then up the south side. Now comes the toughest part – the ascent to the summit. Conquer the brief but rocky final section of the route, which is secured by chains and a fixed rope. Only suitable for sure-footed hikers who aren’t afraid of heights. Climbing is at your own risk.

Sublime view at 2,501 metres above sea level. - Whoever manages to get to the top will be rewarded by a wonderful view of the majestic Churfirsten mountains, the Alvier mountain range and the Alps of Glarus and Graubünden. The peak itself is quite narrow and exposed.

To return, you can either go back the same way or climb another peak, the Wissmeilen at 2,483 metres above sea level. After descending the Spitzmeilen, the Wissmeilen does not take long to reach. From there, follow the summit ridge further and take the hiking trail on the right down to the valley until you reach Alp Fursch. From there, continue along the broad hiking path to Panüöl and, after a final climb via Maschgenlücke, return to Maschgenkamm. The gondola "BergJet" takes you back to Tannenboden.