Hike Alpine Flora Trail

On the Alpine Flora Trail you dive into the colourful and diverse flora of the Flumserberg. The Alpine Flora Trail offers a broad spectrum of special Alpine plants and invites you to learn more about the floristic treasures and their survival strategies at Flumserberg.


Maschgenkamm – Zigerfurgglen – Maschgenkamm – Maschgenlücke – Prodkamm

Route information

  • Length: 3.9 km
  • Duration: approx 2 hours
  • Altitude difference upwards: 230 m
  • Altitude difference downwards: 149 m
  • Footwear: Trainers or trekking boots
Restaurants along the route: Panoramarestaurant Maschgenkamm, Mountain Restaurant Maschgenlücke, Mountain Restaurant Prodkamm

Alpine Flora Trail

Every plant here has adapted to its special location in order to survive, because every crest and every hollow has different living conditions.

This great diversity in a very small space has developed through the diverse geology and the alternation of sun and shade.

The plants must withstand cooler temperatures, higher solar radiation, sometimes extreme wind speeds and precipitation - some are viviparous, others attach great importance to a colorful flower.

Whether you look at the blooming flowers on the ground or at the breathtaking mountain panorama, amazement (goose bumps) is guaranteed.

The information signs with QR code provide even more detailed information on the respective plant and turn every hiker into a botanist.

>>Click here to go directly to the plant descriptions (German only)

Alpine flora guides

With the "Flora Helvetica" app (German and French), it offers a simple and competent way of identifying plants and offers a wealth of additional information on over 3000 plants in Switzerland.

Nature guides and books on alpine flowers are available from the Steinemann Photo/Kiosk in Tannenboden.

Arrival information

You reach the Alpine Flora Trail with the gondola "BergJet" from Tannenboden – Maschgenkamm or gondola Prodalp-Express Tannenheim - Prodalp and afterwards with the 8-seater chair lift Prodkamm. The alpine flora in Flumserberg is uniquely beautiful. From the start of July, when the flowers are in full bloom, colourful information boards provide visitors with facts about the alpine flora along the Prodkamm – Maschgenkamm – Zigerfurgglen “High Route”.